Reviews written by Riverdawg

Jack gave Azteca 3 Stars

The food is the best thing about Azteca. If I were to rate it only on the food, I'd give it a 5 star.
But unfortunately, there is the service which is average at best and in my opinion the worst abo... (see full review)

Jack gave Bier Stube 5 Stars

The food.....the location, the view.....the service....!
Did I mention the FOOD?
Can't really say enough about this place!
Oh, the BEER.....yes, the beer.
Pricey but in my opinion, it is well wort... (see full review)

Jack gave Granite City Food & Brewery 5 Stars

Great brew and food! The India Pale Ale is my favorite.
If you go there enough, you can detect when they've switched to a different batch of beer!
Their American Lager is also a very light and tast... (see full review)

Jack gave The Filling Station 4 Stars

The best breaded chicken wings in the QCA, bar none!
The sauce only comes in one flavor although different degrees of heat.
Look for "Rex" holding down the bar.
Come early or wait for a while to ... (see full review)

Jack gave Buffalo Wild Wings 3 Stars

This place would be much better if the food was better and the music wasn't turned up so loud! (Yeah, I know...I'm too OLD)
The younger crowd seems to enjoy it though and I'm sure they are the ones ... (see full review)

Jack gave Front Street Brewery 4 Stars

I would go to Front Street Brewery on hot summer days for a pint or two of their Heffiweizen (sorry, I might have misspelled that) or the Davenport Gold.
There was nothing better! The place smells o... (see full review)

Jack gave Azteca 2 5 Stars

Seems like Azteca and Azteca 2 are the worst kept secret in the Quad Cities. The food is so good here that if you don't have to stand in line before getting seated it is a minor miracle.
The wait is... (see full review)

Jack gave Overtime Sports Pub & Grub 5 Stars

You go into this place, and even if you smoke or not, you have to appreciate the "smoke free" environment! You can actually smell the food as it is being prepared!
Great service and the recently new... (see full review)