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by Ann

Four out-of-town gals enjoyed a delicious lunch of various panini sandwiches with soup or salad here yesterday! Everything was delicious and service was great. I had called ahead to alert the owner that we would only have an hour to spend before our visit to the Putnam, and she assured me we'd be fine. She even gave me the soup choices so we could be deciding, and our table was waiting with waters and menus. We had plenty of time to enjoy the great food and surroundings--Cafe de Marie is a gem!

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by KC

Jane Goodwin I CANNOT believe your review! Everything you have written is absolutely exaggerated! My son and I ate there for the first time last Saturday and we went back today! 1) The cafe IS in an older part of Davenport (I've seen worse areas), in which she and her husband have lovingly restored an old house into a cozy, welcoming cafe. The atmosphere and little touches are awesome! 2) The owner DeAnna will totally make you feel at home! She is very gracious - will explain everything to you and is a prime example of incorporating her family and home into her business/life. She even gave us a cookie on the house because she got busy and felt we waited too long - snob she is not! 3) The food is absolutely wonderful!! The menu does not include an abundance of options but it is just right. It is obvious that DeAnna only uses high quality, natural ingredients to create scrumptious soups, sandwiches, quiche, salads and desserts. She also offers fantastic teas, coffees, and smoothies. We just had the most AMAZING smoothie ever (peach, pear, apricot) - when I asked her what she puts in her smoothies - it is just fruit! One point about this place is it is not for a quick stop on your lunch break at work. It's just DeAnna and her husband working so it may take a little longer if they are busy. That being said - it is a fabulous atmosphere to sit and chat with a friend or read/study.

Jane Goodwin - I think this place is just not your cup of tea (no pun intended) because Cafe d'Marie is one of the best kept secrets of the QCA. Recommendations: Peach iced teas, the smoothie I had mentioned, turkey cranberry panini, reuben panini, salad with her home made blueberry dressing (I bought some to take home), potato soup, split pea and lentil soup and her cookies! Cannot express how much this place is LOVED!!!!<3 <3 <3

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by Barbara Fackel

Had lunch at Cafe d'Marie yesterday and it was delightful. I love the atmosphere and decor, and the owner was friendly and very customer oriented. It's a cozy little cafe in a wonderfully emerging neighborhood.

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by Jane Goodwin

Buyer beware!! This so called cafe, which is really just an old house in the ghetto, is horribly hipster!! The woman who owns and cooks is an unbelievably rude, hoity toity b**ch! Only her "in-crowd" really gets paid attention to at all, and is much more interested in talking to them than giving any kind of service! It reminded me more of a snobby sorority house than anything, honestly. The food is mediocre at best, and the selection is horrible. Coffee, quiche, and soup, that's about it folks! And DO NOT sit outside, unless you want to watch drug deals and homeless drunks parading through the streets! Enter at your own risk!!

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