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by jammey01

My husband and I went for my birthday on a Saturday evening, with our reservation being at 6pm. We had a much better experience this time! First, the bar is being remodeled and will be Sully's. Crave Fondue Room was fabulous! We did the ultimate experience and while it was pricey, it was good food and was a 2-hour ordeal. We had the cheddar cheese fondue for the first course. They make it at the table and it was really good! Then, we had the salad course, which was nothing special, but they did make me a balsamic vinegrette dressing. It's not a menu option normally. Then the meat course was so good! We got the sirloin, filet, lobster, shrimp and chicken. It came with 3 dipping sauces, all of which were excellent. We chose the Fondue a la vin to cook the meat in. It is a vegetable broth base with red wine, herbs and mushrooms. So good and very light! For dessert, we had the turtle fondue. Also very good, and much better than the smores. The carmel was definately present, and you mix in your own pecans. We will definately go again, but only for special occasions! It was very expensive, but the food was good and the service was good too! Sometimes a little slow, but very attentive (different waitstaff would fill our drinks, not just our waiter which was a nice touch!)

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by Jamie

The service has been really bad the two times I went. I haven't tried the fondue room yet, maybe that's better. But if you sit in the grill area, you may as well bus your own dishes and mix your own drinks because it sure as hell won't get done for you.

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by Jami

This place is crazy busy on weekends! Go during the week if you want a quiet dinner with attention from the waitstaff. The food is good in the bar/grille area, but nothing unique. The fondue was really good though. If I had to do over, I would have gotten the plain chocolate fondue. We got the smore's fondue, but we couldn't really taste the marshmallow in the chocolate. I might try the Turtle Fondue next time, maybe the carmel and pecans will be more prevalent. Also, this place is pretty expensive. The "Ultimate Crave Experience" is almost $90. This would be an all-night event though as it is 6 courses, I believe. This would be a great place for a very special occasion.

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