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by John

It had been 15-20 years since I had eaten at the Captain's Table. I sort of remember the steaks being good, but it was always so dark and depressing inside I just hated to go. I would, however, on occasion stop by their bar with its amazing view of the Mississippi River.

Well, a couple of weeks ago we were driving along the river and happened to notice a number of umbrellas between the restaurant and the river. OUTDOOR EATING?!? We thought this would be something we definitely would have to try.

The weather was finally beautiful this evening (08-05-10), so we thought, "Tonight is the night we head for the Captain's Table".

The outside area was beautifully set alongside a marina and the inside was now bright and inviting with a wall of fantastic views. Kudos!

Since the menu did not offer my standard fare of sirloin I was toying with the idea of trying their shrimp or steak bruschetta. The waitress explained that they were both very good and filling... and then she mentioned that they were also having an "all you can eat" fish-n-chips special. My gastroenterologist could tell you that my "all you can eat" days are long gone, but I have been trying to find a good fish-n-chips in the Quad Cities since my return some 14 years ago, so that is what I and my mother ordered. My wife ordered a haddock dish, The Imperial, and my 2 year old son ordered the shrimp and macaroni and cheese from the Kid's Menu.

The food arrived, but much to my chagrin the fish was simply awful. This claim was backed by my mother and my wife. It was the blandest fish I had ever eaten... and I have tried quite a few in my quest for a decent fish-n-chips. I showered the fish with salt and malt vinegar and then dipped it in either ketchup or their horseradish/tartar sauce in an attempt to give it life, but I couldn't get past how dry the fish was (a cardinal sin when cooking fish). It was like eating fried cotton. After a piece or two I finally realized that I was merely using the fish as a shuttle to transfer condiments into my mouth. I just could not eat anymore.

My German born, 91 year old mother, whom I do not ever recall seeing eat ketchup, said, "Could you pass the ketchup?" This summed up the whole experience.

When our waitress passed by asking her cursory, "How is everything”, I had to tell her that this was the worst fish-n-chips I had ever eaten. She clearly saw the plate of fish set aside from my main plate. She did nothing.

She passed by many times seeing that I was only eating my $12.99 French-Fries and coleslaw (both were good). She did nothing.

My wife's haddock was tasty, but lain over a bed of something that texturally was pasty and mealy.

The shining star was my son's Kiddy Meal. Thankfully he filled up on salad and bread giving me the chance to nick some of his mac-n-cheese along with his shrimp. The MnC was creamy, but low on cheese, I suspect a white sauce with a little cheese. His shrimp on the other hand was fantastic. Our family, as a rule, shies away from deep-fried, breaded shrimp. Why try to hide something that is already wonderful? The Captain’s Table's shrimp had a delicate, crispy, translucent skin. It was quite good. So, thankfully I did not go home hungry.

And finally, to place the cherry on top, I finished drinking my iced tea, just to find that it had a 3" horizontal crack running around the middle of the glass… This is when I was asked if I would like a refill. I pointed out the crack and said, "No, thank you".

To sum up, a waiter's/waitress' role is to serve as the conduit between the customer and the kitchen and management. All problems are initially their responsibility. My mother and I paid $25.98 for French Fries, coleslaw and condiments. We expressed our disappointment... and nothing was done. A good restaurant would have handled this differently, deducting charges, replacing items, something.

Perhaps our problem was withheld by our waitress. If this was the case then the establishment is not at fault other than for hiring and/or training people that are ill prepared to handle such situations. Had I wanted to continue the experience I could have asked for the management. I didn’t nor should I have had to.

No tip was left. None should be expected.

A beautiful setting, both inside and out… and great shrimp. Maybe after my ire has settled we might stop in to try the bruschetta. It looked good.

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by Jami

This one is still pretty good, but it has gone downhill in the last few years. The salmon with cucumber dill sauce is really good, but the salads have changed. They did have a house salad that had different dressings served at the table with sesame seeds (or something else that made it different). Now it is just a regular old salad. Also, sometimes it depends on who cooked that day because the sides can differ in seasoning. For example, the mashed red potatoes are either really good, or super spicey since they over do it on the white pepper. The brunch is pretty good, when they have it too.

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