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by Steve S...

Submitted to Exotic Thai Restaurant on 10 May 2010, no response as of 17 May 2010..... They seem to lack any concern about issues from their patrons!

On Saturday 08 May 2010 at 5:45 PM in your Moline Restaurant we had a reservation (name used was \"Mason\") for 6 adults and one child. This reservation was made a week in advance. We arrived at about 5:40 just prior to our reservation time to a number of people waiting for seating. We advised the young lady that was tending to reservations and she took off to check tables (I suspect). Moments later she arrived back and advised of she was sorry they gave our reservation to someone else! We were also advised she could seat us but it would be about a 45 minute wait time! We are not sure what communication breakdown occurred within your organization but then that really is not our problem. We were provided nothing more than an apologetic \"I\'m sorry\", when asked to talk with management we were informed there was no manager at the location, we asked to speak with the manager, a shift supervisor or someone in charge. We were advised there was no manager on duty, so we again expressed our dissatisfaction and she took my cell phone number and assured me the manager would make contact with me. As of this writing we have heard nothing.

We did dine out that evening and took great pleasure in sharing with everyone we came in contact with about our \"Exotic Thai Experience\". You have demonstrated what sort of organization you do run with not honoring a reservation, poor communication within your staff (it seems somewhat obvious the table was taken by another party seated by another employee) and not having any one \"in charge\" at the location on a busy evening. We did observe the young lady who spoke with us having a conversation from a distance with two other employees both older about what to do with this situation and they appeared to have directed her to take care of the situation.

Why is an issue like this literally looked upon as not the restaurants\' problem and we just need to wait an additional 45 minutes if we wish to dine there? This is clearly your problem and clearly your organization chose to do nothing. So we now get to freely share our experience with others as our opportunity to take charge of the situation.

Our lesson is now clear is yours?

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by Bettendorf1

Was really an awesome place that paid attention to detail with everything: food, service, atmosphere.
Of late, it has been slacking in service and food quantity/quality.

Still love it.. recommend it to all !!

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by John Franklin

I live in East Moline, but work in Davenport. I have visited both locations, and they are my favorite restaurants in the Quad Cities. I used to live in New York, so I know authentic Thai food when I eat it, and this is the real thing. I keep going back again and again. It's not too pricey, and the restaurants are beautiful, but best of all, the food is great.

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by Jami

The idea of Thai food scared me until I went to this place. I got the stir fry with chicken and broccoli. It was awesome! The food is super fresh and always hot. The ambiance is so nice too. Very relaxing.

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by Ben Stockwell

One of only two places that I know that serves authentic Thai in the QC. A pretty big menu that is layed out really well, with appetizers that are all delicious. I suggest this restaurant to everyone. The Drunken Noodles and Pad Thai are the two best options on the menu, as well as the Chicken Satays as an appetizer. The Moline location is a little bit bigger than the Davenport one, but both are equally clean and nice.

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