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by Diana

We had a group reservation for 3 weeks but we were forced to wait 1/2 hour to be seated. They placed us in the bar area which does not normally have extra tables in it so both waitstaff and patrons were cramped. We then had to wait an additional 10 minutes before a server appeared who was then sent away by a manager who said that three other waitresses were taking care of us. Then he and the three waitresses disappeared never to be seen again. Another 5 minutes later a wonderful waitress named Stacy arrived and provided excellent service. The only compensation the management provided was a glass of cheap champagne. No apology was ever uttered. I will never eat there again.

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by ucincv

Located across from The MARK, location cries to have this place be a favorite, and I love the private dining rooms. Our food experiences have never been more than moderate and after 3 very poor encounters with the manager, enough is enough.

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by P G

We have visited Johnnie's at least a dozen times in the last few weeks. The food and service was usually very good.On the second to the last visit, my wife's lobster was terrible. It was mushy and flavorless. My ribeye was to be cooked medium rare, but was prepared very, very rare. The lobster was replaced and the steak was recooked. We left satisfied, but not exactly pleased. We tried again three days later. This time we both ordered lobster. It was so undercooked it was inedible. The food was returned to the kitchen. I explained to the manager on duty that lobster isn't done until the shell has turned completely orange. These shells were still mostly dark green. I implied that their cook has a lot to learn. Manager replied that both executive chefs were on the premises and were talking to the cook. Our lobsters were returned to us and were STILL not completely done. So much for Johnnie's.
Our waitress was very apologetic and understanding. The manager was obviously not customer oriented, and neither chef came out to apologize or explain the problem. The bill was over seventy dollars. I mentioned to the manager that no amount of advertising has as much clout as word of mouth.
I'm not sure if he understands that concept, but if they don't change for the better, he may find out the hard way.

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by Jami

I've had both, good and not the best food here. Sandwiches and soup are excellent. Steak medallions are good too.

Once, I got what looked on the menu to be vegetarian with tomatoes, mushrooms, etc. But it had bacon in it. I spent most of my dinner picking around bacon pieces. The bread is good though!

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by Steve b.

As a former employee of Johnny's i have to give it the five star rating, the food is amazing and the servce is even better, from nightly features that are always changing to the menu items that last all year everything taste's great and is made extremely fast to be served to the customers hot. meat eaters and vegitarians alike can sit down in the late 50's decorated interior and have an excellent time, the music of sinatra really sets the whole thing off and the amazing wait staff isnt one to be overlooked.

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Located at John Deer Commons, Johnny's delivers the best of two worlds - outstanding, premium-cut steaks and good, old-fashioned Italian standbys - in a classic supperclub-inspired setting. Indeed, this attractive steakhouse is sure to impress even the most critical of eyes, from the black and white-clad waitstaff and exhibition kitchen to the outstanding river views and comfortable booths. Signature dishes include broiled lobster tail, beef tenderloin medallions with garlic-roasted mashed potatoes, and double-cut chops stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, prosciutto, ham and polenta.