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by Marisa Sorrells

This venue has so much to offer! The menu is great, a little something for everyone, cereal, hot/cold sandwiches, noodles, cupcakes...beverages, coffees, teas, delicious sodas, beer, wines, too laid back a place for the hard stuff. viewing of OLD film, the music...all original DIY is great, performances from all over the US..the art is awesome...A new artist displaying their beauty monthly...A great place to bring in your laptop or a good book with a great cup of coffee...But the people that I have met...some are regulars, makes you feel like your walking in to visit old friends and the newcomers, so happy to meet new people...I have been in numerous time meeting friends, but feel so comfortable just walking in alone, hope everyone at some point will go just to experience the embiance of the space!

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